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2017.06 nr288 92x73cm
2017.01 nr278 100x81cm
2016.12 nr276 100x81cm
2016.08 nr265 100x80cm
2016.03 nr263 80x80cm
  2015.09 nr261 68x88cm alu.jpg - [fr]2015.09 nr261 68x88cm sur aluminium[nl]2015.09 nr261 68x88cm op aluminium[en]2015.09 nr261 68x88cm on aluminium  
2014.11 nr256 99x81cm
2014.11 nr255 92x73cm
2014.10 nr254 100x100cm
2014.03 nr248 74.5x69cm alu
2014.01 nr251 90x75cm

2015.09 nr261 68x88cm
on aluminium

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